The Florida Storytelling Association presents awards annually to members of the storytelling community who have demonstrated service to the advancement of the art of storytelling in the state of Florida.

The Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award


The Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals in the storytelling community who have dedicated their lives to the art form of storytelling and who have demonstrated meritorious service to the Florida Storytelling Association, as well as to the community of storytellers at large. Nominated individuals should be those who have expanded public awareness of the art of storytelling, by virtue of their organizational contributions, preservation of traditional art forms, or the significant originality of their body of work.

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Chuck Larkin Distinguished Service Award

chucklarkinThe Chuck Larkin Distinguished Service Award is presented to those individuals who have contributed their time and energy in an exemplary manner on the state level to forward the work of the Florida Storytelling Association.

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The Guild Service Award

The Guild Service Award is presented by the Florida Storytelling Association to those individuals whose outstanding support and activities within our member guilds and storytelling groups have maintained and significantly promoted storytelling in their local communities.

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nsnlogoThe National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Awards have been presented annually during NSN’s national conference, to those who have excelled in their art, or made significant contributions to storytelling, NSN, or its members.


  • 2015: Chris Kastle
  • 2014: Bob Patterson
  • 2013: Ann Scroggie
  • 2012: Shirley Bryce
  • 2011: Ada Forney
  • 2010: Pat Nease
  • 2009: Jane Sims
  • 2008: Steve Brooks
  • 2007: Melinda Munger and Phyllis Nesmith
  • 2006: Jeanne Menter
  • 2005: Elaine Kitchings
  • 2004: Cissie Griffin and Margaret Lawrence
  • 2003: Jim Mittelstadt and Virginia Rivers
  • 2002: Bert and Noel MacCarry
  • 2001: Annette J. Bruce and Jamye Green



  • 2015: Tamara Green
  • 2014: Jessica McCune, Mary Lou Williams, and Caren Neile
  • 2013: Roz Miller, Jim Gregory and Robin Schulte
  • 2012: Terry Deer
  • 2011: Billie Noakes
  • 2010: Shirley Dunwoody and Herrick Jeffers
  • 2009: Ann Mancebo and Linda Spitzer
  • 2007: Kaye Byrnes



Honorees from Florida:

  • 2015: Marilyn Graham, Margaret Kaler, Jo Bridges and Wayne Garrett
  • 2013: MyLinda Butterworth
  • 2012: Pat Nease
  • 2008: Kim Rivers
  • 2007: Carrie Sue Ayvar
  • 2006: Karl Hallsten
  • 2005: Don Leonard and Caren Neile
  • 2000: Phyllis Nesmith
  • 1999: Tampa/Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival
  • 1996: Annette J. Bruce

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