Member Showcase

Each year our member showcase highlights the talent of the FSA membership. Submit from your best stories, your signature stories, your favorite story, or a story that just needs to be shared. Stories must be 10-minutes or less.

Florida Stage storytelling concerts are held Thursday evening and Sunday morning. This is a curated stage and auditions are open to any current FSA member who has a polished story to share.

The Thursday evening concert opens the weekend event and the Sunday morning concert is themed “Stories From the Heart.” There is no compensation or discount on festival registration for Member Showcase Tellers.

Submit a video recording along with Application.  Videos may be recorded on a smartphone, tablet or other device and submitted via email or flash drive.

  • Selected storytellers must be current members of the Florida Storytelling Association. Membership can be activated at
  • Storytellers will be chosen for the Thursday, January 23rd opening night concert or Sunday morning, January 26th “Stories from the Heart” concert.
  • Storytellers will be selected by the FSA Board of Directors
  • Application deadline is October 15, 2019
  • Selected storytellers will be notified on November 1, 2019
  • Stories are limited to 10-minute maximum.
  • Submit the application form with a video of the story you will tell. No substitutions at the concert will be allowed.


More information on submitting your video

  • Record your telling on a smartphone, tablet, digital camera or other device; Ensure that it is audible and of reasonable (not necessarily “professional”) quality.
  • If you use a digital camera, you must first upload the video to a computer for transmission.
  • Most video recordings will be too large to submit by email. There are two ways to submit your video electronically. In both cases you must establish a free account before you can upload and transmit your video.  Follow the instructions below:
    • YouTube
      • If you do not have a Google account, go to and create one. This will give you both a email address and a YouTube account attached to that address.  Make note of the address and the password you created
      • Locate and select the video on your phone or tablet
      • Find your share icon and choose “YouTube” from the menu of options
        • Sign into YouTube with your Gmail address and password
        • Your video should upload to your YouTube account
      • If you’ve uploaded the video from a digital camera to your computer:
        • Sign into your YouTube account at
        • In the upper right corner, look for Upload arrow. Choose the video from your own hard drive
      • Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, copy and paste the ENTIRE address with your video URL and include it on your application.
    • DropBox
      • Dropbox offers a free, basic account. Set one up and the application (icon looks like a cardboard box with the top flapped open) will install on your computer or phone.
      • Open the application and find your “Public” folder
      • Put your video in the Public folder
      • Click on the Dropbox icon for dropdown menu. Choose “Copy Dropbox Link”
      • Paste that link onto your application