We have a great line up of workshops for our January 23 – 26, 2020, Festival. Check out the tentative schedule online for details. Workshops are 90-minutes on Friday and Saturday.

Simon Brooks

Fast Track to Storytelling

A quick way to get into telling stories for beginners. Tips from a teller of tales using personal narrative to explore the skills in learning and telling a tale. Hands-on exercises and a bit of play, make this intense workshop fast-paced fun.

Simon Brooks

Fractured Fairy tales

Take a well-known fairy tale and turn it on its head and you have a fractured fairy tale! Learn how to fracture a Fairy Tale. This workshop covers best practices, stories to work with, and more. You will craft an idea into a tale, and leave with a work in progress to polish on your own. The only limit is your imagination.

Diane Macklin

Flow and Purpose: Story Circle Basics and Beyond

Using a story circle model, participants will explore the potential, purpose, and history of story circles. As a result, participants will share perspectives on story circles while experiencing one. Topics will include types of circles, role of the facilitator, and creating a safe and equitable space for the work of sharing to occur.

Diane Macklin

All Together: Audience Participation for the Young and Older

Create engaging opportunities for audience participation through this experiential workshop. Developmental appropriateness and the art of connecting are the guiding principles behind when and why we engage an audience. Topics include call response techniques and inviting participation, instead of demanding it.

Jeff Doyle


What makes our stories captivating, gripping, engrossing, riveting, irresistible and addictive? A compelling story is the difference between losing the listener or leaving them wanting more. Join us as we identify and discuss the elements of stories that entertain and enthrall. Learn how to apply the same blueprint to your own material so you, too, can share your own powerful tales.

Pete Abdalla

Telling and Reading to Elementary School Classes

Everyone agrees that it is important that children learn to read. I have found that there are a number of ways to encourage students to enjoy reading. We will explore ways to impress them about the joys of reading, and then review stories to read and tell. We will also discuss the techniques that I have found work for me to hold their attention, handle disrupters, encourage participation and make the whole experience enjoyable to the kids and you. I’ll review the stories that I tell, the books I read and where to find both.

Morgen Reynolds

Storytelling is a circle: How to listen and talk at the same time

Storytelling requires listening. If a story is simply perfectly memorized, the audience might get the sense that it doesn’t matter if they are there or not. Listening to them, watching them, inviting them in completes the circle. Then, the story belongs to everyone. In this workshop we will do improv and listening exercises to learn how to adapt stories in the moment and key into the audience so that every performance is a unique experience for both the audience and the teller.

Mij Byram

Emcee with Comfort and Ease

A good emcee sets the stage for success. A good emcee will make the audience and performers feel confident and ready. An emcee is the first and the last person the audience sees. It’s an important role. You don’t want to mess it up. Know what to expect and how to carry out the duties of the host with the most – poise and stage presence. It’s so much more than just introductions.

Joanna Demarest

The Character’s Perspective: Creating Characters with Panache!

Every good story has memorable characters, characters that connect to the audience. Learn how to use your voice, posture, movement, language and your five senses to create more interesting and dynamic characters that come alive for your audience. Come and play with movement, words, and your voice as you create characters with panache!

Lana Warren

Infusing Personal Storytelling into Organizations to Enhance Culture and Public Relations

Personal storytelling by staff in an organization or workplace can be a very powerful tool to increase cultural awareness, employee loyalty, engagement and dynamics, and to enhance marketing, development and public relation initiatives. Participants will leave this workshop with the tools and insight needed to start a personal storytelling initiative in a community organization or workplace.

Gwyneth Wint

How to Bring Your Performance to Life

What does it take to feel the fear yet step naked (metaphorically speaking) in front of your audience?
This workshop will assist you in moving your body and bringing your voice and soul to your performance in order to engage your audience and bring them closer to you.