Sue O’Halloran

Sue O’Halloran is a story artist, television personality and author of seven books who is a National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence Oracle Award winner and featured at the National Storytelling Festival and International Storytelling Center residencies. Sue has appeared on such media programs as PBS and ABC Nightline and has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Chicago Tribune. She is co-producer of multicultural performances and award-winning films including “Black, White and Brown: Tribes & Bridges at the Steppenwolf Theatre” and “More Alike Than Not: Stories of Three Americans – Christian, Jewish and Muslim.” She is producer/director of the video story website which welcomes over half a million visitors each year. Sue also facilitates live and online Race Equity seminars for Fortune 500 companies and Nonprofits. Sue lives in Lady Lake, FL and can be found at:

City, State
Lady Lake, FL
Phone Number
(847) 691-6472
[email protected]
YouTube video link
Website: Race Bridges Studio