Linda “Schuyler” Ford

Tallahassee, Florida


(203) 241-7644 • [email protected]


John Henry Redgate said: “Schuyler is a gifted storyteller who keeps it light, yet works soul-deep.”


Schuyler grew up roaming the hills traveled by The Headless Horseman and listening to the enchanted tales of her Dutch ancestors in the Hudson Valley. It’s no wonder she became a storyteller.


She began telling stories professionally in 1981and developed a repertoire full of delightful American folktales, Women’s stories and Nature tales. For several years, she was the lead guide/storyteller at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where she had the thrill of telling The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to crowds gathered around Washington Irving’s burial plot. (Sometimes the Headless Horseman would appear!)


Schuyler also combines the art of storytelling with the art of healing. Tapping into her skills as a Therapeutic Recreation Director and meditation teacher, she is a popular story-based retreat and workshop facilitator. She was awarded a Connecticut Therapeutic Recreation Association grant for a life story series entitled SacredSojourns©. Schuyler works with educators, parents, elders and long term care professionals as well as children. Because…there is a story for everybody!


L. Schuyler Ford is a member of The Florida Storytelling Association, The National Storytelling Network, MassMouth and The Healing Story Alliance. She is the founder of The Big Ben Storytellers’ Circle.

Tallahassee, FL
(203) 241-7644 • [email protected]