Kip Barkley

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Phone: (954) 829-2194 & (954) 784-8307

Email: [email protected]




Kip likes stories, telling them, sharing them, and figuring out what works within them. Kip likes humor too. Humor comes easily since I see the world as if I just stepped off a flying saucer that landed in the nearest parking lot.


I run a consulting business so I know something about presenting, client relationships, and technology. Technology can sense fear and will take advantage. You can’t argue with technology, but you can trick it. This has all come to make me a bit of a Wizard.

I’ve been in Toastmasters 28 years, I was once a Past President of the Florida Speakers Association.


Kip has discovered the Labyrinth. A Labyrinth provides a meditative walk where you spiral inward on a single path with no choices. At the center, You ground and then spiral back out. Along this walk, I think, experience, and learn. You can do this too. A story is also a journey. There are twists and turns, There are quiet moments. There may be revelation.

So Kip has finally discovered the Florida Storytellers Association, and he does like to associate. He likes to be useful and entertain. He likes to find groups where telling is going on. How about you?