Kaye Byrnes

Jacksonville, FL

Phone:  904-315-2079
Website: www.kayebyrnes.com
Email: [email protected]


Kaye Byrnes Storytelling


After twenty years in corporate America, I was ready to move on when the epiphany came:  I want to be a storyteller!  Why not?  Crazy dreams come true if you’re willing to work hard, right?


Since 1996, my life has been forever changed by the power of stories and storytelling.


Today, my work and repertoire span a wide variety of genre, venues and ages.  In schools and libraries, senior centers and church groups, business and service group settings; folklore, historical events, classic literature and personal narrative are waiting to be shared.


Storytelling programs, Storytelling Workshops, Keynote presentations, Let’s explore how stories can reach, teach and touch your audience!