Jim Kissane

I delight in telling to groups of all ages, personal stories, folktales and historical accounts about Industrial America in the 1850s through 1950s, drawing on my own personal experiences as well as generations of family stories and folklore that span the Railroad, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing industries. (Admittedly my greatest interest is the Railroad industry)


It was hard not to. Growing up in a railroad town with 115+ trains a day, where the railroads employment was over 30%. At the age my friends were playing with model railroads, I was getting cab-rides in Steam and Diesel locomotives. I spent several years working for a firm that manufactured railroad equipment. I’ve worked on restoration of steam locomotives, passenger cars and rolling stock.but most proud of helping launch a 16 mile shortline railroad in the Oil Creek Region of Western PA, which today has the only active Railway Post Office car operating in America.


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